Top 5 Affordable Home Tech Gadgets to Own in 2017
Advance technological products tend to be expensive. Check out these affordable home tech products under $100 to make your life easier.

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Most of the fascinating technologies and gadgets we’ve read about in science fiction and seen in 90s cartoons are here now. How technology has been incorporated into thousands of different, innovative and brilliant products is remarkable. Technology is gradually making its way into our day-to-day lives with smart home devices and hi-tech home appliances. Every year many innovative gizmos are popping up to assist us with our daily chores. What technological sorceries does 2017 have in line for us? Can you afford it? Let’s find out! Here’s a list of products under $100 that shall hit the market this year.

Hydrao First: Smart Shower ($99)

hydrao first smart shower

This French smart showerhead notifies you of your water consumption and encourages you to save water and energy. Simply replace your ordinary showerhead with a Hydrao First showerhead. The LED-illuminated showerhead lights up every 10 litres, indicating green (0 - 10), blue (10 - 20), pink (20 - 30) and red (30 upwards) amount of litres in use. It starts flashing nonstop when you are past 40 litres.

You can connect to its own Hydrao App via Bluetooth to check the water usage, customise the colours and the number of litres.

What’s special about Hydrao First is that it does not require external battery power. The internal water turbine powers the whole unit, including the coloured LED and Bluetooth connectivity. You can save water, electricity and money with the Hydrao First smart showerhead.

This smart device will be available for $99 (Approximately AED 363). Its manufacturer, Smart & Blue, is planning to introduce two more smart shower variants in future.

Airdog FitAir: Air Purifier ($100)

airdog fitair air purifier

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The ‘Airdog FitAir’ is the perfect companion for your air-purifier needs. The small engines and the two filter compartments work together to purify air. You can attach this gadget to your upper arm when in a situation where you could be exposed to germs and polluted air. The tube attached to the purifying machine connects to a mask which blows fresh air directly to your nostrils. You can even detach the two purifiers from the arm strap and fix one on top of the other to use as an air purifier for your room, workspace and bathroom. For only $100 (Approximately AED 367), Airdog FitAir is worth its price. However, I feel that if it was able to connect with other smart devices or an app to measure how much air it purifies, it would have been ideal.

Bixi: Touch-free Smart Remote ($100)

Simply put, Bixi is the little gang leader that all smart devices at your home bow down to. You can control other devices by connecting it to Bixi. It can unlock devices, snooze your alarm, increase music volume, even switch between devices and do much more. It comes in handy when your other devices are out of your reach. Bixi responds to your hand gestures and instantly fulfils your command. You can control your devices even when your hands are busy with washing, cleaning or cooking as it requires no touch. Here’s an example for a few gestures:

bixi touch free smart remote

If you have a lot of smart devices at home, this award-winning controller would be extremely helpful and quite affordable for $100 (Approximately AED 367). Bixi won an Honouree award in the Smart Home product category at the 2017 CES Innovation Awards.

Connected Toaster: Bluetooth Bread Toaster ($99.99)

connected toaster bluetooth bread toaster

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Toast smartly! The Connected Toaster equipped with the Griffin Technology knows exactly how you like your bread toasted. It comes with a mobile app and you can connect to the device via Bluetooth to control the temperature based on the bread type, your preferred toast and level of crunchiness. The app saves your prefered customised settings, so you don’t have to repeat every time. The Connected Toaster will reach the market by the second quarter of 2017 for only $99 (Approximately AED 363). I’m not a big fan of toast, but I’m definitely going to buy one just for the fun of making toasts through my mobile phone.

Eugene: Waste Management Device ($99)

eugene waste management device

The world needs more products like this. In an era where waste management and recycling is encouraged, this product will be in your favour. Unfortunately, most of us still have only a little knowledge about separating recyclables from the rest. Eugene is the saviour we didn’t think we needed. It is a WiFi-enabled barcode scanner that you can attach to your trash bin. Whenever you are discarding any product, you can simply scan the barcode and it will tell you what the product is made of, and if it is recyclable or not. Eugene’s supporting app lets you see data and notifies you about how much you’ve recycled. The app also helps you to make grocery lists and order online through service providers such as Amazon and Walmart. Eugene shall hit the market by the end of this year and will be priced at $99 (Approximately AED 363).

Which of these smart home gadgets do you find interesting? Let us know in the comment section below!