7 Products Rumoured to Be Launched in 2017
Everyone is anticipating the release of some ground-breaking form of technology or product that will influence, affect or drastically change the way we live. Here are 7 rumoured products that you can anticipate for 2017.

7 new products rumoured to be launched in 2017

Technology, science and innovation seem to be exploding in the recent past and the future looks bright. 2016 was a good year in terms of many useful products and services that were released. Virtual reality was ushered into gaming consoles and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, decided that he was fed up with living on earth and Mars would be a definite option for the human race to start “afresh”.

Interesting times calls for an interesting list of products and services that are rumoured to be released in the upcoming year.

1. RenovaCare SkinGun

Our skin takes time to heal. Imagine if we could speed up the time it takes to heal burns and other skin-related injuries. This is exactly what the RenovaCare SkinGun is hailed to achieve. This stem cell gun has the technology to help burn victims regrow their skin faster than it would normally take the human body to heal.

The SkinGun sprays the patient’s own stem cells onto the burned area which enables and equips the body to heal itself. This process is said to take around 90 minutes with no permanent scarring. This SkinGun will change the way we think about injuries and it might even push the boundaries of human healing. Its commercial use is pending approval in the US.

2. Xbox Scorpio

Xbox is planning to release an upgrade to its recently-launched Xbox One S. This new, improved and slightly more expensive console is called “Scorpio” and it is said to equip gamers with advanced gaming specs such as 8 CPU cores, 320 GB/s Memory bandwidth, 6 Teraflops of power, true 4K gaming, and hi-fidelity VR.

Developers say that this console will change the way gaming is experienced.

3. Nokia Android phone

Once a giant in the mobile phone industry, Nokia seems to have lost steam in the race to capture market share. Old-school phones such as Nokia 1100 and Nokia 3310 were so robust that people believed them to have been created by the greek gods and tested in battle by the Spartans themselves.

You could literally drop those phones from heights that would shatter modern day phones and the phone would still work.

There were rumours that Nokia will be releasing an Android phone sometime next year. Videos highlighting possible concepts of the phone soon started flooding the internet. Here’s one such concept:

Nokia confirmed the rumours in December, and will make an announcement at MWC 2017. Two models are due to be released. One is a mid-ranger while the other is a flagship handset. It is said that the latter will be compared to Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and will sport a Snapdragon 835 CPU and a whopping 6GB of RAM.

4. MicroBot Push:

An innovation that makes use of wireless technology to manage and optimise your electrical usage. Hailed by the inventors as a tiny wireless robotic finger, the device is a switch used to manage buttons and switches. Users simply have to clip it to switches or buttons around their house or workspace and program it using an app on their smartphone.

Using “Prota Box” you can integrate the Push with a variety of apps, such as Slack, and use these apps to send “instructions” to the Push. There are quite a few apps that can be integrated with the Prota Box.

The Push can be used to do a wide variety of things such as turning on lights when the sun goes down or switching on the coffee machine and opening the blinds when the sun rises.

5. Lane sight:

If you’re a cyclist, this will excite you. Do you ever find yourself cycling down a road and having to look over your shoulder, half expecting a crazy driver to be speeding at you? The fact that quite a few cyclists die every year from being hit by motor vehicles, this paranoia is highly justified.

Lanesight is a device fitted to cycles. It incorporates a sophisticated software that helps warn the cyclist and the approaching driver of each other’s presence.

As a car approaches a cycle from behind, a camera and sensors fitted to the cycle pick up the vehicle and alert the rider as well as set off lights that attract the driver’s attention.

6. BMW Motorrad and the 2017 Ford GT Supercar :

If you have ever watched Tron you will know that all the motor vehicles used in the movie are concepts taken from the future. The motorbikes, taking into consideration current technology, are unrealistic… Or are they?

BMW just revealed a self-correcting, self-balancing motorcycle called the Motorrad. It’s rumoured that the rider will not need any sort of protective gear.

All information such as speed, navigation and the rear mirror images will be provided to the rider through an augmented reality headset, called the ‘Visor’.

The Motorrad is part of BMW’s Vision Next series, which celebrates the company’s 100th anniversary and might be released for testing phases sometime next year.


All you car lovers out there better buckle your seat belts and get ready for some engine revving. Ford is releasing a beast. The Ford GT Supercar will come with an impressive powerful 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 engine and is rumoured to have around 600-plus horsepower.

bmw motorrad

2017 ford gt supercar

7. AER GoPro Accessory :

The inception of the GoPro franchise changed the way we take photos. Beginners could venture into the realms of pro photographers and capture moments in extreme conditions with this small, yet handy device.

As the GoPro continues to evolve and dazzle its customers, there are a few accessories that make this camera more fun to use. One such accessory is the AER which helps you capture aerial selfies with your GoPro. It acts like a giant foam dart, allowing it to be thrown high into the air and return to the ground safely.

It’s made from a durable and waterproof material.

There you go! We’ve rounded up seven intriguing products that are expected to see the dawn of the day in 2017. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.