HTC 11 is Rumoured to be Released on March 20
The rumoured HTC device to be released on March 20 is most likely to be the latest flagship, HTC 11.

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HTC, the Taiwanese mobile phone network company, is teasing its consumers with a new release by March 20. The release date is confirmed on the company’s Facebook page, but product details have not been disclosed yet. Many sources believe it to be the successor of HTC 10, the HTC 11.

htc 11 march release

[Teaser image released to Facebook by HTC; captioned, “2017.03.20 HTC will give you an unexpected surprise”.]

HTC’s president of smartphones and connected devices, Chia-Lin Chang revealed in January that the company’s new flagship will be available when mobile CPU technologies come to light. He further confirmed that the device wouldn’t be unveiled or launched at MWC. As the event has recently concluded, it can be speculated that the March 20 release could indeed be the HTC 11.

Rumours can be further confirmed as the HTC 10 was announced almost a year ago and it would be an appropriate time to release its successor with expected competition from the recently announced LG G6 and soon-to-be launched Samsung Galaxy S8.

HTC has already released two other mobile phones this year. HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play hit international markets by early March. Although it is less likely that HTC could be launching its tether-free, mobile-friendly HTC Vive virtual reality headset this soon, it isn’t impossible that the March 20 launch is actually for the headset, as according to Chang, it will be based on the power of the HTC U Ultra which is now available.

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