Huawei Unveils a 360-degree VR Camera for Smartphones
Be ready to capture 3K photography and seamless livestreaming with Huawei’s new Honor VR Camera.

huawei honor 360 degree vr camera smarphone

Honor, Huawei’s sub-brand, has partnered with technology company Insta360 to enter the world of virtual reality by introducing a 360-degree vr camera. It is expected to release internationally as a smartphone add-on device, called the Honor VR Camera. According to Insta360, it will support “3K photography and seamless livestreaming”. The device also has its own app which will allow users to “download to capture, share and livestream their 360-degree creations.”

Insta360 is not an amateur in the VR market. It already sells many consumer VR cameras such as the Insta360 Nano for the iPhone 6 and 7 and the Insta360 Pro for professional photographers. There are also many other 360-degree VR cameras designed by Samsung ($99, approximately AED 363) and LG ($200, approximately AED 734) for professional use, but Huawei Honor VR Camera is speculated to be more accessible in terms of price and mobility.

With the emerging use of live-streaming on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the Huawei Honor VR Camera might become extremely popular among even average users and not only among professionals.

release huawei honor 360 degree vr camera smarphone

Picture courtesy: The Verge & Digital Trends

Honor VR Camera specifications, price, release date and compatibility with other branded mobile phones are still uncertain. More details are expected to be revealed at the 2017 Mobile World Congress which is only a few days away.

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