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Mobile Phones
Apple Launches a New iPad and Special Edition iPhone 7 & Plus for Product Red Series
What’s new with Apple? Read to know more about its March 24 release for the new iPad and RED iPhone 7 & Plus.
Mobile Phones
New Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Reveals Colour Variants
From colour variants to potential price range, find out the latest leaked information about the upcoming Galaxy S8.
Mobile Phones
HTC 11 is Rumoured to be Released on March 20
The rumoured HTC device to be released on March 20 is most likely to be the latest flagship, HTC 11.
Apps & Software
Facebook and CNN Venture Into the World of Virtual Reality
Giants of their respective fields, Facebook and CNN are taking their next step towards Virtual Reality by widening the scope for 360-degree photos and videos.
Mobile Phones
LG G6 Smartphone Rumoured To Be Released in South Korea This Week
Here is a quick read on specs, price, release markets and speculated dates of the newly unveiled LG G6 smartphone.
Mobile Phones
Can Nokia Regain Its Glory with the Iconic Nokia 3310?
The legendary Nokia 3310 is creating a lot of nostalgia and controversy. Keep reading to find out how and why.
Cameras & Imaging
Huawei Unveils a 360-degree VR Camera for Smartphones
Be ready to capture 3K photography and seamless livestreaming with Huawei’s new Honor VR Camera.
Mobile Phones
Will BlackBerry Find Its ‘Comeback’ With Mercury?
We are excited for the Mercury, the revamped BlackBerry phone by TCL. Here is a quick sneak peek before this week’s release.
Other Guides & Tips
7 Products Rumoured to Be Launched in 2017
Everyone is anticipating the release of some ground-breaking form of technology or product that will influence, affect or drastically change the way we live. Here are 7 rumoured products that you can anticipate for 2017.
Laptops & Computers
Apple CEO Tim Cook Says 'Great Desktops' Are on the Charts
Apple’s CEO Tim Cook reaffirms that desktops are "very strategic" for the company.